Beacon of light Spiritualist Church

Welcome to our Paranormal Team.

Hi all we are in the process of developing this page. The Church has its very own Paranormal team, we are also in the process of registering names and further websites.

If you think you are experiencing things that go bump in the night, please get in touch via our contact page as we would love to hear from you. Our paranormal team have a vast amount of experience investigating peoples homes, businesses and community buildings that have had reported paranormal activity. We do not charge for our services, we nothing is faked during these investigations and they are carried out in a professional and friendly manner. 

This team is made up of Church members, believers and non -believers alike, as well as our very close friends at RCJ Paranormal… go and say hello to them on their facebook page and drop them a like.

Fay and Anita have worked closely with RCJ Paranormal for many years and have travelled all over the UK investigating alleged haunted locations, as Anita has to take a step back from investigating due to health reasons, other members of the church and committee have formed their own team along with RCJ Paranormal, although Anita is still at hand if we need her and she will join us on some investigations (health permitting).

Yes, Anita and Fay were part of another paranormal team, however this partnership has ended as the previous team focus on more public locations and move away from house and business investigations, therefore not helping those who believe they have paranormal activity with their home, something that Fay, Anita and RCJ Paranormal are passionate about, and let’s be honest most of the best evidence is gained from home investigations.

So as we move forward keep checking back for updates and new web links.

And if you are interested in the Paranormal drop us a e mail or facebook message we would love you to join us on some of our investigations and we are always looking for the views of others in reviewing footage and EVP’s taken during investigations.

Lots of love The Beacon Of Light Church.